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Chippendale Style Card Table (circa 1860)

The back legs open in concertina action to support the folding top which is lined on the inside with baize for playing games.

Width: 0.000
Height: 0.000
Length: 0.000

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19th Century English Walnut Tilt Top Table

This is an English Tilt Top Table made circa 1850.  The table is made of Walnut and Burl Walnut.  It has a wonderful double molded edge that goes around the table top.  The burl Walnut in the table top is exceptional.  The table rests on a 3 legged central column.  The column is well turned and carved.  The legs have fabulously shaped Cabriole legs that terminate in a carved scroll.  The carving to the base is all hand done and of the finest quality.  The table still maintains the original  castors.  The top will tilt up if necessary..  The table is in fantastic condition both physically and in finish.  This is a beautiful table.  It measures 54 in. long x 40 in. wide x 30 in. tall.

Width: 40.000
Height: 30.000
Length: 54.000

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English Walnut and Burl Walnut Three Pedestal Table

This is a beautiful English Dining Table made of Walnut and Burl Walnut.  The table was made circa 1910.  The table has a 3 in. Walnut Banding on the outside of the table top with a String Inlay of Ebony and Satinwood with Burl Walnut to the center of the table.  The Burl Walnut has absolutely fabulous movement to the grain of the wood.  It is visually stunning.  The table is in it's original, good, finish.  The table is physically clean and sound.  The table rests on three pedestals.  Each pedestal has 4 beautiful down swept legs that terminate in original fantastic quality brass caps and castors.  Each pedestal has a lovely gun barrel turning.  The table measures 137 1/2 in. long x 54 in. wide x 29 1/2 in. tall.  This is a beautiful table. 

Width: 54.000
Height: 29.500
Length: 137.500

AJE 59
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English Mahogany Queen Anne Gate Leg Table

This is a supurb quality Mahogany Queen Anne Gate Leg Table made in England circa 1920.   The table top has a hand carved Godrooned  edge all around.  There is also a hand carved Gadrooned edge to both ends of the table between the legs.  The Cabriole Legs have beautiful Shell Carved knees that terminate in a traditional Pad Foot. The top of the table is made of the best looking, best quality, Plum Pudding Mahogany that has fabulous movement in the graining.  The original finish is in wonderful condition.  The physical state of the table is also wonderful  This is a very pretty table.  It measures 18 1/2 in. wide x 39 in. long x 27 1/2 in. tall with both leaves down.  When fully opened it measures 50 in. wide x 39 in. long x 27 1/2 in. tall.

Width: 50.000
Height: 27.500
Length: 39.000

AJG 146
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English Mahogany Table

This is a Solid Mahogany Dining Table made in England circa 1900.  The top has a wonderful double molded edge and has rounded corners.  The legs are beautifully turned, tapered, and reeded and terminate on fantastic, original brass castors.  The finish and overall condition of the table is wonderful.  The size of the table without any leaves measures 58 in. long x 49 in. wide x 30 in. tall.  There are two leaves that each measure 19 in. wide.  Thus the table with one leaf in it will be 77 in. long.  When the table has both leaves in  it it opens up to a full 96 in. long.  This is a beautiful table and is a great example of a table of this type. 

Width: 49.000
Height: 30.000
Length: 96.000

AJI 100
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