Painted Lacquered Furniture

Jere maintains the largest inventory of painted lacquered furniture from the 18th and early 19th century in the entire USA.

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Black Painted Lacquered Bureau Bookcase Black Painted Lacquered Bureau Bookcase
'Knee-hole' base with a wonderful interior. Heavily decorated in chinoiserie gilt leaf.

Width: 49.3in (126cm)
Height: 93in (237cm)
Depth: 20.75in (53cm)

Reference: IIEEX/SSIEE
Black Lacquered Black Lacquered "Dutch Press"
Original Dutch press circa 1800, with wonderful interior and vauxhall bevelled mirrors.

Width: 55in (140cm)
Height: 93.75in (239cm)
Depth: 24.5in (63cm)

Red Painted Lacquered Bureau Bookcase Red Painted Lacquered Bureau Bookcase
Unusual 'knee-hole' model with shaped drawers. Extra fine aged cream interior with secret drawers. Distressed mirrors and beautiful handles.

Width: 49.5in (126cm)
Height: 96in (244cm)
Depth: 22.75in (58cm)

Reference: HEEE/SAIEE
Black Painted Lacquered Bookcase Black Painted Lacquered Bookcase
'Knee-hole' example with black & red interior. Large and impressive with chinoiserie gilt paintings depicting a musical theme and benefiting from super hardware.

Width: 49.5in (126cm)
Height: 96in (244cm)
Depth: 22.75in (58cm)

Reference: NEES/SSEEE
Black Painted Lacquered Bureau Bookcase Black Painted Lacquered Bureau Bookcase
Double dome top and sitting on bun feet. Extremely nice red interior with secret drawers. Exceptionally good quality chinoiserie gilt decorations and benefiting from wonderful hardware.

Width: 40in (102cm)
Height: 91in (232cm)
Depth: 20.5in (53cm)

Reference: NEEA/SSEEE
Red Lacquered Bureau Bookcase Red Lacquered Bureau Bookcase
Georgian style with "bombe" base. Beautiful interior in "aged" cream. Fine example of Chinoiserie gilt decoration.

Width: 51.5in (131cm)
Height: 86.75in (221cm)
Depth: 24in (61cm)

Black Lacquered Bureau Bookcase Black Lacquered Bureau Bookcase
Exquisite chinoiserie gilt decoration. Georgian style swan neck top on bun feet. Black & red interior. Hand cut distressed mirrors and quality hardware.

Width: 41.5in (106cm)
Height: 99.25in (253cm)
Depth: 21in (54cm)

Walnut Bureau Bookcase Walnut Bureau Bookcase
Large impressive bookcase with "bombe" base. Distressed vauxhall bevelled mirrors. Interior with numerous draws and pidgeon holes. Hand dove-tailed and beautifully finished in a rich medium colour.

Width: 50in (127cm)
Height: 100in (254cm)
Depth: 24in (61cm)

Reference: NEEF/SSEEE
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